Thursday, 25 July 2013

Happy birthday Shugy Shugz,Lolade Adeagbo and Nifemi!

It's two of my blog commenters birthday today!Lolade and Shugy Shugz.Let's make it memorable for them by sending them our best wishes.
And a special shout out to Lollybee's daughter too,Oluwanifemi.Wishing you all the best today and throughout the coming year.Happy Birthday!#hugs

Shugy Shugz
Lolade Adeagbo

Nifemi's gift just came in.Bless you kid


  1. Wow!! 3 birthdays in one day !
    Hot babes.Inc!!
    Jollof rice and salad galore -licks lips!!

    @Lolade Happy birthday sister! Wishing you a great day filled with lots of love and blessings ! May the light of God in your life continue to shine brighter and brighter till that perfect day ! Amen ! Ah weh de party ah tek place? lol! Happy birthday doll xx

    @ Shugs Happy birthday sister! You're blessed and highly favoured IJN!! ! Be celebrated today !!Mi ah wait fah de parry...nah mek mi beg fah an invite si mi?Lol!!!Happy birthday sweets-cheeks xx

    @Lollybee @Oluwanifemi happy birthday honeypot ! You're a blessing to your parents and a leader amongst your peers!! Your future is bright amen! Have a lovely day darling -I will be there to style you at moms request xoxo

    #thesis #essay LOL!!!

  2. hbd dolls
    wishing you all the best in life.

  3. @shugy, wow u just got urself a cool guy..he's here drooling over d@ little gap u have between ur side teeth.."oh my God it's so sexy"@lolade, aya bro just asked me if there is a way we can send ur bride price tru dis blog& make Detoun organise blog wedding fast fast..cos he can't wait anymore..@lollybee, the gifts have been sent to Detoun only anonymous wey call me "uncouth" contribute oo...all others just send their bank a/c ni including Detoun say make I save d "owo ajo" there..thank God I no be mugun..
    Shugy,Lolade&Nifemi, Like the sun d@ rises everyday, May ur glories rise..d@ same sun shines tru d day, may ur lights one can cover d glory of the sun, ur glories shall not be covered..It will so shine d@ it will announce u all in high places..ur portions shall be among the greats..u will be celebrated in ur respective places and the world will embrace ur rising..Nifemi as ur name implies, u shall be the delight of the Lord..among ur peers u shall be outstanding..Greetings from Agbowo ode, alajo shomolu and the first lady of this blog..Xstardess

  4. Didn't know we had such beauties in our midst.God bless u u add anoda yr today so shall ur blessings be added unto u.av fun

  5. HBD Shugs love you baby

  6. d day is finally here,hbd to u lovies.from today henceforth,u shall move from glory to glory.May today mark d beginning of greater thingz in ur life. Amen

  7. Happy birthday Shugz and Lolade

  8. Shugy Shugz is having problems commenting on this post.I hope she gets it fixed soon.Lolade is also in an area with network ish.Lollybee??????

    1. Whew! @toun thank you so mch! U sch a darling! @treatiezers thank you for making my day a remarkable one..God bless y'll.I appreciate!

  9. Oh @ last I can comment.......... Thank you Treatiezers for the birthday wishes, May God bless you all and @ Detoun I feel honored you all muah.

    Lest I forget thanks Xstardess for the mail you rock