Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nigerian female celebrities trend in sequins

Sequined fabrics come in different shades.They vary in quality.If you don't want to look too cheap in it,then you need to spend good amount of money to get that red carpet look.But on the other hand,even if you got it cheap,there's a way the fabric sits on you and it looks a lot expensive than its actual price.I have one like that which doesn't cost much but it looks expensive.Yes!Good packaging is needed too.Did you notice it's now sort of a common trend amongst our female celebs?Some got it right and some,errrrr.....almost right but most of them looked fab in it.Let's check them out.
I hope I'm correct to say this lady is Toyin Lawani?Her sequined dress is safe and glam too.

I'm never a fan of this colour,never will I be.This is off for me and Mercy didnt do much justice to it this time.
Apart from Susan P's high neck,every other thing worked right.The two ladies look good and I must say Susan made hers look very expensive.That's the packaging I talked about.We know Toke as a fashionista so almost everything she wears is good by me.
Another colour I detest.Apart from that,I will give it to Vixen Ekwere.It sits perfectly on her bringing out her curves but not so much for Beverly Naya
Omo t,who am I to judge Aunty Omotola?She fine like that
This is a lot better than the previous.We have more curves and fitting.Although,still some reservations but it can be overlooked.And her hair is beautiful.
Some bridesmaids too were spotted in sequins.What do you think of black + weddings?
Kendra's mini sequin dress is just what I want.Gba!
I prefer the first one to this and I prefer the first hairstyle to this.This hair reminds  me of some Moremi character in school.
This is the icing on the cake.Well executed.Thumbs up Eku Edewor

And finally I saw this and I was wowed.Whoever made this,did a near to perfect job.


  1. Toun why did u put just ok on Rukky sandas picture?do u favour some more than others?

  2. Noooo far from it.It's because her dress was judged some days ago.Didnt want to start repeating myself all over again.

  3. hmmm I see

  4. I luv d last 1 and dat of eku

  5. So Toyin too is gonna be another episode of "rose tattoo turn ugwu"when she turns 60?..ok ooo...but why are some of them looking like a secondhand idiots?...abi na d sequin be their problem ni?ehn, shee na by force dem they follow trend?

  6. This "light up" effect is described to originate from "small, white translucent scale embellishments that run down one side of the dress from the shoulder to the hip".so sexy.

  7. Vixen, rukky, susan n Eku..lovely. Dnt like dat dress on omotola n beverly n y wld u wear black 4 a wedding

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  9. Shining ball gown cocktail dresses are so nice.Sequins are good accessories which are indispensable.

  10. Toyin Lawani and Vixen Ekwere look lush!

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