Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Yellow carpet fashion

Some of you may have seen them before and some may just be seeing them for the first time.Whichever one,enjoy the faces and fashion on Nigeria's YELLOW carpet.
Segun Arinze and his delectable wife

Eku Edewor
Ebony live Tv presenter,Zainab Balogun
Tiwa savage

Mercy Aigbe
Funke Bucknor Obruthe

Dj Jimmy Jatt


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  2. ellow Carpet LoL! Only in Nigeria!

    Segun Arinze and his delectable wife:Lovely but I am not keen on here shoes, they look overly decorated. A nice pair of Red or the standard Gold or Silver would have look nice.

    Ebony live Tv presenter,Zainab Balogun: Nice dress but her tits are sagging.
    D'banj: Dislike!!
    Tiwa savage: She looks nice but is that a boob wrap dress?
    Mercy Aigbe: Lovely as always!
    Lady in the Sequinned dress: Lovely!
    Lady in the green dress: Lovely!
    Last lady in Red:thumbs down!
    I am not too hot/ familiar with these household celebrities but the others look nice.

    1. Don't worry babes,the more you log on to blogs,the more you get acquainted with them.

  3. Eku is always on point, odas look gorgeous xcept 4 dat woman in d last pic, tiwa savage..I so hate dat dress, muna dnt like ur hair, @dbanj my love,who styled u na, zainab wat were u finkin *smh

  4. same tin nooni.d only sane pple dat make sense are Segun and his wife,and Eku Edewor

    1. @yum yum mummy, u don kill me ooo..which one be "d only SANE pple"...shee d tin come be say the rest their case dey "yaba apa osi"?

  5. @ Eku, u look like ur name.
    @Zainab, whr is ur veil? I guess u are at dis event to meet ur to-be hubby..
    @dbanj, I've only heard of hunch ur own hunch front ni?abi which kain pose b dis?
    @Muna, I sha always like u...but here u look like an innocent girl d@ jst lost her virginity.
    @Tiwa n tiwa, ur look is as confusing as ur dress...Can we jst call d@ tin u have around ur neck down 2 ur waist "Ipele"?
    The woman in d last pix...Is d@ not patience Jonathan?

  6. Detoun,thank u 4 putting dat womans pics as d last one cos it would ve polluted d oda pics if it came tops.odas r on point except Zainab Balogun who borrowed gown frm d woman in d last pics,,,,n D'banj who is so used tu too much money dat he expects evrywhere tu b decorated wit it.see how he pose as if him no know wetin dey happen....

  7. @zainab oya time to go home, go n breast feed ur baby.