Sunday, 21 July 2013

Yvonne Nelson's black floor length dress at her movie premier,'house ofgold' + faces at the premiere

This is what pretty Ghanaian actress wore to her movie premiere,house of gold.The dress was designed by Mai Atafo.For the first time on this blog I give Yvonne a 9.8/10.Let me just keep the .2 for keeping sake lol.She looks Gorgeous,amazing.What do you think of her outfit?

Did Rukky plan to out dress Yvonne?

Ladies at the premiere

That's Ebube in pink.What the heck happened to her face?


  1. Thank God Yvonne looks decent side boobs.
    The last time I checked it was Yvonne nelson's premiere not Rukky.abi Toun no get correct info?why is Rukky everywr?
    Is everything ok wt ebube?i mean emotionally?did someone break her heart?she looks like she was forced to attend d event.
    Oh Majid,my name is Omowunmi,Jibunoh.Single and searching.i hope u are single too?too much luv for u bro

  2. Cool, N I don't knw why everyone is saying Rukky tried to steal d spot light, to me she s not close to hot cos she looks trashy in dat stupid dress wit dat button trying to escape from her chest, Ebube re U sick? or maybe u re just tired from d World tour. Nuff sald.

  3. Lol at world for Rukky abi na Rhukky,I no get any word for you

  4. My glasses caused me a lot ooo.Mehn I've missed u..U don't wanna know w@ I went thru yday..ok..if u insist..A friend invited me 2 a success summit in her church&little did I know there was gonna be a deliverance section..&like seriously I always flee all dis kain tin ooo cos me I'm already delivered##b4 I go on abeg whenever it's time for deliverance pls always look at the pple sitting at ur right, left ,back&front infact up&down sef especially when the church has a gallery, just 2 be save noni## As d pastor dey shout fire, brimstone, volcano on their heads,I just stand dey look say which kain tin be dis for inside success programme..come see dis beautiful possessed babe just grabbed me from behind...My God I was almost torn into shred.As I dey scream say make dem collect me from her hand ,na fire d whole church dey call for our heads as if we "join possess"..when I finally collected myself she had already removed my glasses&ran out of the church..after d whole saga the church now asked me to come back for a new glasses..abeg who go go again..make God knows w@ dis time around come strangle my neck..& I've been suspecting dis babe cos anytime d pastor says tap d person beside u,na punch she dey give d guy wey dey beside her...Anyway sha ,I successfully found my old glasses after a long search..and here I am..yum yum mummy & Detoun thanks for checking..

  5. I never even read today's post,na ur long epistle first catch my eyes.tank God o atleast no be u d girl snatch from church come run away.dat wan na disaster o.

  6. I believe dis saying..."learn from d mistakes of others cos u cannot leave long enough to make them all urself" Rukky Sanda I think life shld av taught u d@ too..@Ebube, was there a price attached to smile at the event ni? And u are so broke to pay for it..abi why dis face now...even ur smile sef no kuku dey fascinating..we just dey manage am ni..@wumzy, I just spoke with Majid on phone now..I have good news for u..he said u shld wait for him at ur junction 2Mao nite..

  7. so beautiful.let a person see gutty and pure and fresh sense.