Monday, 19 August 2013

Faces at the London movie premiere,'The briefcase (diary of a thief)'

The movie was premiered recently and it had an array of stars in attendance.Ngozi Ezeonu,Theodora Ibekwe,Rosleyn Ajose,Ruke Amata,to mention a few.
Ngozi Ezeonu.(She looks very different)

Ruke Amata,Ngozi Ezeonu and Roseline Ajose

Egor Efiok
Egor Efiok and Roseline Ajose


  1. Ewoh see Ngozi.shes lost weight o and its too much.see her arms.but she no need dis abeg.she shld be in her late fories abi?wats she losing weight for?smh

  2. U know someone do tell me "never interrupt ur enemy when he/she is making a mistake"..but Ngozi , u are not my enemy so I will interrupt you..Stop dis ur weight loss Ooo...u know u don't have big bum & u need something to carry for pple to see...d@ is d way it works ooo..
    Detoun, is d movie an Amata's Production? D lady in ankara print posing with Ajose, I like....