Saturday, 3 August 2013

It's Saturday,where's the owambe at?

Saturdays are mostly for socials.Weddings,birthdays,one celebration or another.I have one today but it's not owambe.So where is your own party at?


  1. No party for me today.staying at home all thru jonzing.enjoy your party

  2. Well well well, it's a revival day for me...abi make I send in pix as pple dey fall under annointing?as we dey call fire on our enemies?...There is power in the name JESUS..

  3. Lol xstardess don't worry about revival pictures for now hehehehe .
    My party was great.i came back in the dead of the night.

  4. Mine too Toun I bucked up into my yard @7am!! LOL!!
    Dirty stop out !!!