Monday, 12 August 2013

Rihanna's Autumn/Winter collections for river Island

Riannah is back for Autumn/winter designs for river island.Her designs are very high street which makes it more fun to wear.But they are too 'Riannahish'.I'm not so sure if I'm crazy about any.What do you all think?


  1. I'm not a massive Riri fan but I like No 1 & 4...

  2. Those are d only Two dat make sense.

  3. *yawns*r these cloths or body tags???*goes tu sleep again*

  4. Wanna thank treatizers fam' for dere love n support thru inspiring comments n prayers on Tammy's birthday.May u all always prosper in all ur ways n may God forever cancel all evil occurrence in ur lives.Thanks once again n internet hi5 tu yah all.
    @Detoun,fenks.Tammy has bin grinning n has bin telling everyone about u and how u made her a juvenile celebrity on ur blog
    @Xstardess,fenks 4 standing me up on da aajo moni issue.afta I don order gbogbotigbogbo;2 cows,d whole of vijumilk company com fly in D'banj tu com sing,u com waka pass abi?okay ooooo,gbese don dey ground n I don giv dem yah address,so expect visitors.

  5. Choi! @ Lollybee, I replied u immediately u sent d request...but u didn't get back to me b4 I run go Baba Adeboye's camp now..u gave them my addy? I sorry for them ooo..on my street now, u waka anyhow na deportation dey await u b d@..Dem go jst find themselves for Nasarawa or Gombe..make u just tell dem say Detoun go advertise their products free for them on her blog..Atleast d@ shld cover for d whole advertisement on treatise blog..their lives don better be d@

  6. Now unto d matter...Detoun, right now I'm beginning to believe Rihanna's brain is on AUTO-REWIND...anyway sebi d designs are for River Island..ehn, na inside river with mammy water & on d desert island with wild animals make dem go dey wear am...

    1. @ Xstardess LMAO! Hilarious!
      Zebra's too!