Friday, 2 August 2013

Runway designs:Which of them are wearable?

Something about runway clothes.Most times it's too complex to understand and most people feel it's made for runway models only.For the first time,I saw a few runway designs which I feel it's wearable.Which of these can you wear?


  1. I can wear a few of dem.Num 1 minus d shoulder and num 4.

  2. D first, second n last. Wlda picked d ninth design, very lovely but I hate d bra part

  3. Yes number one without the shoulder, then the last pics

  4. Num 1 without d shoulder,num 3 without d horrible gele and num 4

  5. Number 1 with the shoulder’s not too high – stunning dress!
    Number 4 when I attain the right figure for it!
    Number 6 once I work on slimming down the thunder thighs Lol!
    Number 9 but it has to be more covered up in the chest area.
    Number 10 I could easily rock this!

  6. Anon , shugy, Yems ,lolade and wumzy with these comments of urs ,I'm beginning to suspect u all..the question is "why are their breasts singing on F flat?..I can't wear any cos as Yems talk say she will have to burn her thunder thigh to get in one , d@ means I will have to burn out my pillow breasts to wear any too..which I'm not ready dat's d problem.

    1. LOOL!! @xstardress Please don't tamper with those oranges .....

  7. lol xstardess,egbe ni e I swear lmao
    pillow breasts ko,virgin breasts ni.
    like yummy mummy would say,abeg park well.

  8. I love d last one. Simple and straight to d point. Zizi

  9. I can wear practically all of em with just a few alterations. Lovely!