Saturday, 17 August 2013

This is what Rita Dominic wore to future awards reception party

The slit though......badt gaan.Should be called a slat instead.


  1. O ma ga oh. Longest Slit in the world

  2. Omo dis gal na dis kain cloth dem dey use say 'all roads leads tu?????'I pity dose men dat attended cos some go don sum up dere future wit dis kain slit....

  3. I think her pose is getting boring. She does this she looking for something on the floor?

    1. Lmao maybe her money drops on d floor everytime.

  4. Rita the hair needs to go.d slit is too down its beginning to look forced.we know u are sexy and all dat but let it ooze out gently.dont overdo it by trying to reveal much ski.loo out genny,no one doubts her sexiness.even if she puts on jeans and thirty,her sexiness reveals all sister Rita,e lo cool down small

  5. If she decided to wear a future nonsense to a future her palaver be d@...just make sure say ambulance dey around d@ venue cos na emergency everybody go dey when they see u....