Sunday, 11 August 2013

What if you meet the love of your life while your are supposedly married to someone else?Do you let them slip you by?

"Please Toun,don't change the title of this question.This is the exact way I want it to be asked and I won't mind if your readers can contribute to this.This question has been in my mind since the day a lady wrote in and said she broke up with the love of her life because they are both AS."
I didn't change anything in her post.I just copied and pasted it the way she asked lol.What do you think guys?


  1. Ha me i no I dey so,I intend to get married to d luv of my no story

  2. This happens sometimes.I think d best thing will be to follow ur heart.Weigh ur best options and follow d one dat will give u peace of mind.

  3. Genotype is a big deal when It comes to marriage, I knw we all knw that..since dey r both A.S,dey just have to split fr d sake of their unborn children cuz it's d child/children dt'll suffer's nt an easy tin to do bt d best except if dey'r nt considering having kids of dier own bt sometyms,d 1st two children mite nt be carriers..all na risk tho!

  4. This is the first time I'll comment on this blog. I've been a silent reader; nice Job Toun! I like the way everybody relates like a family! Back to the issue, genotype is something one shouldn't overlook. Would you rather marry and bring kids to this world to suffer? My aunt lost two of her kids to sickle cell ish, it was terrible seeing my cousins in pains for the 20 something years they spent on earth. This marriage ish, when the chips are down, it takes more than love to keep it going. Prevention is better than cure, yes, some AS parents may not have SS kids like my grandpa, of his 15 kids, none were SS but my aunt had 3 SS! Am AS and the first thing I as a guy that wants to date me is "what's your genotype?" Pls let's be wise oh!

    1. Well said and u'welcome to our midst Amaka.

  5. Are u one of those girls their men will carry go show come dey shout "see six pack" come faint bcos of Iyanya?lol....abi where Moet, Redwine, Henesy, Baileys and vodka when ordinary STAR led d 3 wise men to Christ..Where was ur supposed "love of ur life" when u needed to get married?..were u pushed into marriage? Or was it that u got pregnant? What was it u saw in ur husband d@ made u settled down with him? How do u know someone is d love of ur life?so many questions I wanna ask u..
    What do u pple see marriage to be? a joke, playlet or a dance drama?..once u are in , u don't consider any other options..God gave u all d@ privileges when u were single..Besides cos u love him doesn't make him d love of ur life ooo..& it will be wise for u to let go cos u might get already beaten b4 u had d chance to play at all..Meaning he is not God..& it is only Him(GOD) d@ fits into d@ title "love of my life"..pls be wise...Whoever has begun is half done already..don't venture in2 w@ u are not even sure of..ur hubby has offered u his love , gave u a home, honoured u with the title "Mrs" and beautiful kid(s) ,I suppose..u are not reneging on him...never..Detoun & treatiezers won't allow d@