Monday, 12 August 2013

Why was Simi Osomo's ex,Laolu,so bitter about Simi's engagement to DrSid?

Sh*t happens dude,move on please.Leave sob stories to girls.Some of his tweets below.

Lesson 1: d best things in life are free…but dey often come & go. Hold on 2 wat u have. Don’t be left wif memories & regrets — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 Friends come & go. Love fades. But memories would ALWAYS linger… — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 Funny story tho. Started wif a bloody summer trip to canterbury. Ended up to be d best I ever had — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 I was 16…young & na├»ve…but I still felt d true essence of Love…even if it was 4 d very 1st time ☺ — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 Her smile…*sigh*…left me clueless every bloody time — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 I remember stayin up on a particular tuesday nite, gistin wif Lola & Tunde. Dey kept goin on & on about hw mch “she” light up my world ☺ — Landlord|| (@Laolu360) August 8, 2013 I tried to fight it. Dey said I wouldn’t win…& dey were right afterall. Love walked quietly in…& brought her along - See more at:


  1. Eeyah poor boi.too late for all the rants.shes gone 4d highest bidder.
    But,who ask u all these questions gangan?why d monologue?
    Take heart my dear.mayb she wasn't meant for u

  2. Some pple are like "igi cocoa"(cocoa tree) , they take forever to grow up..Laolu, u shld know d@ whatever life gives u even if it hurts,u jst need to be strong&act like u are ok..Strong walls shake,but never collapse..Fine she dumped u few months ago & now she's engaged...Congrats Laolu, atleast u made it to d be pple she dated b4 she met u?some no even reach second leg not to talk of quarterfinal..abeg free d babe jare..she don affect ur life enough,let her extend her generosity to others..

  3. I dont blame Laolu much.Simi seems like a girl everybody loves to love.You'll feel bitter when you lose someone like her.

  4. U re right.wen u lose someone so sweet ,memories linger on titilailai.even wen u marry someone else,d thot of dat person go still dey torment u dey go

  5. Lwkmd you babes crack me up every time. You are definitely a bunch of fun girls. Am a very silent follower but couldn't resist commenting. Keep up the good work Toun and I wish the rest a happy and easy going life. Aisha

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    1. Thanx Aisha.Good to know you are in our midst albeit silently.