Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bikini body again?

Is this the new craze in town?Among celebrities?i've asked this before and I ask rhetorically again,is there some kind of competition going on that I don't know about?You go online and the first thing staring you in the face is one celebrity bikini body or another.Common guys,i'm not beefing.I'm just curious to know why they do this?Is it for the boys?Or just to show off to the girls (it's no news that ladies show off to ladies)?Is it that they love the comments that follow their pictures?Or they just do it just for the sake of it?*sigh*
Here is Ugonna Omeruo of House of Nwocha chillaxing by the pool side in her bikini wear.Cool huh?


  1. Toun, anything for attention, absolutely anything. They post everything about them on IG, twitter and the likes and later complain of someone infringing on their privacy. Well, they want to keep up with the joneses too. Besides, I blame bloggers for giving them free publicity

    1.'fucking attention seekers.bikini body my ass.panla

    2. rotflmfao Wunmi

  2. Aiit.. We aff seen u. So dis is all u ? And u call urself House of Nwocha..wetin dis kain body dey house? Infact wey the house sef?with dis kain body?abegiii...make u just change am to(boys quarter) BQ of Nwocha..