Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Did Tiwa Savage expose her private p?*Covers face*

I hate this.That skirt is too short girl.Why?


  1. Abeg na she I dey tink ow i go chop wit dis full load of work on my table.I wud not b fully impressed wit technology until dere is phone dat can download orisirishi food.#buhTiwa,,,,,whocomedoulykdis??#

  2. Jesu!!I no know weda 2 laugh or cry.dat fotographer na bastard I swear.SMH at Tiwa.Oh ge,if u had a good stylist,she no go ever allow u 2 perform in dis trash.woever ur stylist is,sack her.

  3. Tiwa n tiwa, ehn , sometimes I can't stand u & sometimes it feels like I can't stand without u..cos u are a good singer&i listen to ur music everyday..u just fall my hand here ni sha..whr is ur dignity?don't u know dignity is like virginity. Once lost, it can neva be regained... Fun ra e brain oo..

  4. Replies
    1. Lol@Doyin... No be only Jesus ooo, D angels sef join..

  5. Its UGLY! She even has ibotan n all..n she wore a very short skirt..shame on u! D skirt is just too short..kilode!