Friday, 20 September 2013

Do you like Juliet Ibrahim's dress?

She wore this purple embellished dress to NAFCA Awards in Washington DC.


  1. Its ok but d pic is kinda blur n over edited. She shld do smtg abt her leg

  2. Wat happened to body magic?see her tummy bulging out.
    D dress is nice but her tummy spoilt it.

  3. fotoshop ko easy.shes beautiful already,she doesn't need 2much foto editing.lovely dress sha but she can work on her belle.

  4. bia Detoun wr u dey o?im slping on ur blog today becos im as free as a bird today.oya update more stories biko nwanne.

    1. Hehe I'm here ma.I'm at your service anyday but unfortunately,I'm not so free like you.I so envy you.

  5. D dress is nice,she get fine face and hips toh bad but I don't think she's got a pleasant personality.i don suspect her kind of person since that ojb jezreel saga and one other ish she had with a fan on Instagram

  6. I'm in love with d dress already..but it is the way she poses in her pictures d@ always get me wondering if she's from Cross-River...cos u will always catch her crossing d@ her legs ni...