Monday, 23 September 2013

Nigerian Amber Rose drove 4hours to meet the real Amber Rose

Honey J Willis is Nigerian Amber Rose and she finally met the real Amber in Lagos.She's a video vixen based in Portharcourt and just like Amber Rose,she too recently had a baby for her musician baby daddy in June.From Amber Rose comment below,She seems pleased to have met her too.Here's what she wrote:"Ran into one of my Nigerian Rosebuds she drove 4 hours to see the kid... That's Love! ❤
They look alike don't they?


  1. Congrats ooo, can't see any resemblance , may b from behind.

  2. Great achievement in life.congrats

  3. *claps for honey J* I can't see any resemblance tho

  4. Sight is for the eyes, vision is for the mind...Honey J, for ur mind u look like Amber, abi?'s either u dey see vision or ur mind is probably playing games on u...Amber ko , Ambali ni...& if dem say make she come pose with the original person wey she resemble gangan when she was alive..she fit dey form ooo...May Goldie's soul rest in perfect peace...she kinda look like Goldie..

    1. Choi xstardess,u crack me up always.....

  5. Nigerian version of Amber rose?didnt know we had our own version.from wr she come?never seen or heard of her bf.She try.drove 4hrs.iyen naa wapa.

  6. Now if she drove hours to see Obama or Nelson Mandela I would have been impressed.