Saturday, 14 September 2013

Picture of the day

I saw this and I felt a rush of emotions run through me.
Tears of joy,
shes pleaving a lot behind 
never living with their parents again, 
never being with her siblings,
no more dinner with the old family,
no more mom and dad making you breakfast christmas morning,
starting a new beginning on your own,
being with someone you love for ever and making the best ,
knowing your parents are proud of your decision,
having a day where the world revolves around YOU (very important to a woman lol!! ;)
getting that feeling where it finally hits you how much people really do care for you…
The bride is just Truly thankful for all that’s going on in her life at that moment
and after all, it is a girls dream to find “prince charming”ever since she was a little girl :) @duduguy1


  1. Awww...makes me want 2 cry too, just imagining it,no more being wit old family n siblings

  2. Who tell u dat one wen no b say Fashola don scrap cab wey I go use go visit dem on any weekend LOL!!!!!!buh seriously,dat day wud always b a memorable one dat kips lingering on ones mind.Its surely every gurls dream.NO B EVRY CRY B GENUINE OOOO.I cud remember my cousins wedding(she lived wit my parents),omo evry one faked tears buh inside;we wie happy say she dey leave us talk of say she b trouble maker,4 days lata wey she call say she dey com ova;omo see tension buh it subdued wen she told us she came tu pik up wat she forgot

  3. that picture is just so gorgeous.

  4. I'm moved..just like d way I was touched by Annie's tears of joy in d@ RAINBOW video...dis moment can not be denied its flow of emotion, unless u are "ODAJU" or ur parents are fond of beating u sotey u don cry ur eyes + d one u suppose cry on dis kain day..