Sunday, 8 September 2013

Rita Dominic flaunts her sexy bikini body

The holidays just won't stop will it?It's the season.Rita too is currently in Vegas having the time of her life.Remember,what happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas.She attended a pool party yesterday and posted these pictures of herself,Her bikini body.I like the fact that she didn't reveal all for us to see.She's too big for that.What y'all think?


  1. This celebs shld understand dat we r tired of seeing evrything dey do;vacations,family pics,location pics,bikini pics,money,cars,etc.since dey want us tu know evrytin,dey shld start sending us pics of how n when dey r making love/sex wit dere partners.abi??????

  2. Can Rita just f^<king change dis horrible thing she calls hair?i haf taya 4d hair like killode.i can't see any bikini body o.all I see is teeth and hair

  3. Rita shld pls change dis hair..abi hw much she buy am?? She's been wearing it 4 like 2yrs nw kilode!