Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The mighty wonders of makeup

This ain't photoshop,it's real.Goodmorning everybody.



  2. Thank God 4makeup.wot wld av happened to pple like dis?

  3. Make up.....making people up since ??

  4. Hmmmm......what a transformation! Though I'm suspecting the makeup artist sha because it seems like he/she purposely applied something on the woman's face before the makeover so that she will look horrible like that. Anyways beautiful work from the makeup artist.

  5. What a transformation!!Will she wear make up for life or what?
    Goodness gracious ME!

    Her face looks burnt due to too many creams and chemicals ... so sad!

  6. Dis is ugly!! Its terrible..hw did her face get rotten 2 dis xtent..haba! All thanks 2 makeup

  7. The woman looks BEASTiful in d first pix...hian..wetin bleaching go cause for dis life, body sef no go fit hold am..
    I'm just imagining dis woman visiting me for d first time with d make - up on her face & maybe she now decided to pass d night ... & maybe late in d night, I now send one of my kids to go drop a towel in d guest bathroom...just imagine the way my kid will scream...and me ofcourse running to see w@ happened, i will just collapse seeing her original face...
    Thank God for make-up...make she no sha clean dis make-up for life or make she just hire a make-up artist d@ will be sleeping and waking up in her house for her sake..

  8. Men,dey look wella before u marry dt girl o.dont be deceived by makeup o.infacr,I advise u to go for natural beauty.girls without makeup so u go know wettin dey gangan.this is just pure 419

  9. It will surprise muguz....as for me, any skelewu that enters my room must watch her face and body first b4 will bangawu. Ugly musheshe no fit win me....

    1. Lmao @ anon.. From Skelewu-Bangawu-Musheshe...
      But forget "watch her face and body first" ooo... Real konji never catch u b4?..u go forget to protect urself sef (CD) ... Shey u no hear D1's story ni? Gbagbe joor..u no go even make it to ur bedroom.