Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tonto Dike and Ebube Nwagbo's outfit to the premiere,'Keeping my man'

Rukky Sanda's movie,keeping my man was premiered yesterday and here is what these two pretty celebs wore to the premiere.
Something quite exciting about Tonto's outfit.Either the shoes or the cutout at the back.

And Ebube won't stop showing her dangerous curves.


  1. See as rukayatu brast don flat like my grand ma own. Tonto's outfit, I don't like. Their make up ehn! See as them resemble egyptian mummy *runs away*

    1. *Breast. Btw what's with the stupid hair on rukayatu? She no get money for sari?

    2. Celebs r human beings with emotions like us.
      How wld u feel if ur being analysed and been critised all d time.

      No one has it all
      "Do unto others,what you will like them to do unto u" Shikena

      Let's preach love not hate

  2. You wanna keep ur man by showing dat ur breast dat is helping you by postrating to him,,,,,,,,,,Rukah,,,,you cud ve packaged it beta.Ebube wit her botoxed face,Tonto wit her scary back.

  3. mba Tonto,u no go fit keep ur man wt dat monster tattoo @ur bk.wat man will stay wt dat kind of tattoo on a woman's body?
    I thot rukayatu went to America for a boob uplift?wat happened again?abi she no wear bra ni?
    lwkmd,Ebube and her chinco face.i still don't get it.sumtin must av hit her badly in d face.but her figure is banging no lie.

  4. Ebube is always on point..tonto is jus ok n I hope d movie is interesting..cuz d last movie of rukky I saw was totally meaningless

  5. Some girls' boobs is d reason why Chinua Achebe wrote "Things Fall Apart"... I'm sure Rukky is one of those girls ..
    Poko babe , I no feel u at all..Ebube , u no fit force me to love u cos Love is like a fart, if u force it ,it becomes shit..but u dey on point.

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