Friday, 20 September 2013

Toyin Lawani and Empress Njamah battle it out!

Lol,it's not what you thinking.They are both rocking a blonde weave,pink/purple lipstick (dunno the exact colour),and they are both semi nude in the picture. So you see,it's a face off between the two celebrity ladies (I have overused the word celebrity on this blog).Who rocked the very expensive, blonde,Brazillian hair better and the lipstick?
Meanwhile,Toyin's says her hair costs 550 thousand naira.Whattt??


  1. Two mammy water agents.Sorry I no go fit choose between dem.make d other one no go dey vex chase me for dream.inshort,they both rocked it

  2. If Toyin fit borrow Empress her weave..I will pick Empress...550 ogini?I think someone suddenly step on her faculty break(I mean d one she thinks with)..or maybe the weave is just too heavy thereby weighing down her brain...someone shld help her loose d hair fast, b4 she says Segun Arinze is her witness..anyway sha wetin Segun no fit witness with his eyes..

  3. no wonder i like d weave

    1. i didn't know d price b4 i said i love it. obe to dun, owo lopa