Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tweets of the day!

On a real,as in to be very real,half a million naira for a weave?Ha my life!Isn't this outrageous?I'm beginning to fear you people in Naija o.This is oppression at its height.It kills faster than hunger.If I have 550k Mongolian hair on me,what can't I do?I can as well slap the president and his wife keh lol.
Toyin,it is not your beautiful hair that is giving me issues,the huge figures are giving me heartache.

I dislike angry celebrities calling bloggers "hungry".It's so demeaning.Just because there's a few bucks to be made in blogging,all of a sudden,every blogger is termed 'hungry'.Blogging is fun to some people,regardless of the monetary gains.Toyin and her ilk should please take note.


  1. I just don't like this Toyin girl, what's she feeling like self and how much does she even have that's calling peeps hungry. Yeye dey smell

  2. She is mad.Sorry o,person wey no hungry.Rich man pikin.yeye dey smell.

  3. she said someone called her daughter a bastard and went venting on twitter like a nad dog.d thing she doesn't know is no matter aw hard she tries 2 form a successful businesswoman,she already has a bad and dent image.agidi lo kan shey.original aristo girl wey come dey form successful business woman nonsense for our face.sorry Toyin,nigerians no too lyke u,no matter aw u try,pple don't like u.forget those ones saying u are d best,blah blah,they are just kissing ur ass.change ur attitude and lay low for a while.oshisco

  4. Abeg,I will pass.i don't for one day understand dis gel

  5. It's not a sin for a pocket to be empty...but it's a sin for ur brain to be empty..and u know I can slap u for not waiting to get ur brain loaded...shey osanle ni e ni?
    Don't u know "“A rich man is not some1 who has d most but some1 who needs d least"..Bcos u have things to flaunt around does not make u a rich lady & d fact d@ bloggers don't flaunt doesn't make dem poor or hungry...whr are dis girl's parents?hian... But b4 I go I'm still gonna say sorry abt ur daughter's...really sorry abt d@...Iran malu lo nko kondo ba iya e.. U are d cause of it all.