Thursday, 26 September 2013

Who looks sexier in the under pant?Beckham or Ronaldo?


  1. Ronaldo,abeg i wan work in ur john thomas company.I ve succulent n well proportioned breast,fair in complexion,leggy,highly hipped n ve a well packaged behind.This is my C.V!!!!

    1. @lolybee ogaju.only u get am for alL dis CV?

  2. Ronaldo bawo?beckham can never ever go wrong in my eyes.i repeat never.if I av beckham,i av everytin.

  3. Dis guys r haaaaaawwwwwwtttt..kilode!! It difficult buh I prefer ronaldo, dnt like tatoo

  4. Beckham all the way..Detoun can't u see the "Minister of Power" in-between those legs..chai..D underman inside the under pant is something to write on...Vicky, ku enjoyment.... Eeya Christiano Ronaldo..and I love dis guy oo..from his days in Man U and now Real Madrid..I can't believe dis is all abt him..damn, his GFs don suffer...abi na bcos beckham's pant na white and Ronaldo's na black ,na im make Beckhan own dey visibly big ni?