Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"I wore a nice dress and I was comfortable with it" Rukky Sanda

Remember the dress Rukky wore to Yvonne Nelson's movie premiere that caused a roar in the public?She actually has something to say about it.

  • Recently you wore a boob popping dress to the movie premier of one of your friends and colleagues, Yvone Nelson, which generated a lot of reactions within and outside the country. What’s your comment on this?
People see only what they want to see, and say what they want to say. Left for me, I am only concentrating on my career.
  • Okay, what informed what you wore that day?
What did I wear? I wore a nice dress, and I was comfortable with it.

Culled from Encomium Magazine 


  1. If she is comfortable like she said,why is she covering it and smiling shyly?oshi oda.Attention seekers galore.she got d attention she wanted

  2. anytime I see dis girl,i just dey laugh.she always appears as a cluless person.she doesn't appear very intelligent.

    1. Walahi u r so on point

  3. Well if she says she is comfortable in d dress, who am I to say otherwise...maybe she's also comfortable at playing stupid..Rukky, are ur breasts playing hide & seek game?...

  4. Nice indeed! 2 a movie premiere ode oshi! Oniranu