Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yoruba actress,Bimbo Thomas has a word for those who flaunt the ugly part of their body

 Asked why she's flaunting her "things" like Cossy, actress Bimbo Thomas said:
Maybe because they are firm and I have no single stretch mark on my boobs. But some ladies still flaunt flabby ones that have stretch marks. Don’t they know that stretch marks are not meant to be displayed? Some ladies flaunt cleavage that stretch marks have finished and the boob has gotten back to where it was formed. It’s not worth it. Such a cleavage can’t be sexy.
For instance, I stay in front of my mirror and appreciate myself first before any other person because I dress up in my room before any other person in my house would see me. After dressing up, I look at myself and I’m like wow! If I can be convinced within me that I look good, I know that every other comment would be fine. 

I think ladies who flaunt the ugly parts of their body should start doing this. Some carry bulky legs and want to walk it on the runway. I’m chubby, my body firm, subtle and smooth. Because I’m bulky, my legs big, I don’t do shorts. I know the rules of fashion. It puts me off when I see some giant, elephantiasis kind of legs and they want to walk and show them off on red carpet. It doesn’t make sense to me.


  1. What's this one saying?

  2. Lol @ anon..I no know wetin she dey yarn ooo..
    @Bimbo, I really like u u know but no matter w@ ur daily dose of bullshit may lead u to believe, d truth is no one is suppose to flaunt shit..firm oo, smooth oo, flabby oo, stretch mark and w@ever, it is not just right...

  3. I totally understand wat she's sayin, u av 2 understand ur type of body so u knw d type of cloth 2 wear dat will suit u n u will still look chic n decent