Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8 flirting mistakes every girl should avoid

Flirting is fun,it's playful.A lot of people do it for amusement.Every girl should have a flirting ability (single girls only).Unfortunately,flirting in our part of the world is frowned at.You do it and they term you as loose.However,flirting may go wrong if it's not done the right way lol.Read the eight flirting mistakes every girl must avoid and tell me if you agree with them.

Culled from Naijapose.

1. Don’t play hard-to-get:

Playing games or playing hard-to-get don’t work in this part of the world. Our ladies still don’t get it. It may work here and there, but guys with any level of self-
respect will quit chasing a girl who plays games. If you are interested in a guy, show him you are interested or he will move on. Shikena

2. Don’t touch too much:
Touch less. Don’t be too clingy. Guys don’t usually like women who are too clingy. You can hold a guys arm or rub his hair but don’t let it be too often or too
prolonged. It could irritate or annoy him.
3. Don’t talk too much:
Let your mouth do less talking and let your eyes do more of them. This doesn’t mean that your eyes should be gazing or that you look confrontational. You should simply
master the art of body language and let your eyes do a bit more communication. This keeps him guessing.
4. Don’t Be Monosyllabic:
Talking less doesn’t mean you should get monosyllabic. Some ladies are bad at communicating either on or off social networks. The conversation style is usually the
same. How are you? Fine. How is school? Fine. What are you up to? Nothing. You look beautiful. Thanks. Can we go out on saturday? ok. Come on. This is so boring. Even
if you are a natural phlegmatic, you should initiate conversation and try to sustain them.
5. Mind the effing words:
You want to be mindful of what you say and how you say them. Although your intention is to flirt with the guy, coming out with strong words may let him think of you
suspiciously. Making a lot of sexual jokes might make him feel that you might be just after sex, except of course the reason you are flirting is to have sex.
6. Don’t dress to kill:
I have seen Nigerian chics who are almost naked in their quest to dress to kill. The flipside of this is that while the guy may keep his eyes on you for a while. He
probably wouldn’t feel comfortable walking beside you because of what people might think of him (you already look like a prostitute). You can adorn yourself with those
hot, sexy outfits, however cover up a bit. It keeps them guessing.
7. Don’t be a hermit:
Avoid staying alone with him all the time. While you may want to spend a large portion of your private time with. Suggest public places where you can do naughty things
such as whispering in his ears and still feel safe.
8. Mrs. Nice girl:
I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t be nice to a gentleman, however, don’t overdo it. Be yourself even if you like the guy too much. Being too nice may make him feel that you are pretending. Don’t be disrespectful.


  1. ooopopoeeeeeh,Toun;which levels b dis,,,,,nau adays wie ileke idi[waist chain]dey speak com n tk tu men n dressin alone can usher in guys tu d place.modesty in some guyz n ladies has bin sentenced tu death by hanging.d irony of dis is dat some gals dont use dis rules buh dey get gud guys.evryones prayer is dat we all meet d best soulmate irrespective of differences...

  2. When a young girl flirts wt a young boy,it's cute and sexy and dey can even av a meaningful relationship frm there abi?but in a case wr an old married man begins to flirt wt a young girl like me,wat do I call dat.i see dis old man everyday and each time,he gives me dis sexy eyes dat makes me feel like pouring sand in those eyes.he comes so close to me and gives me dis I may be old but I'm young @ heart look.Tueh!i fear to be rude becos he's one of our biggest accounts.but omo,d next time he tries dis nonsense,igbaju buruku ni mo ma fun.ewo l'oshi?

    1. Lmaooo Wumzy,Please darling don't slap an old man o.Remember you said he has the fattest account.Just tell him off politely.

  3. @Wumzy , I'm sure d old man is potbellied and with thick tribal marks on his cheeks...yeepa!.Treatiezers, one of our own don suffer ooo..I just hope u try d@ slap... just make sure it's a thunderous one d@ will make him see not just stars but shining stars..
    Like Lollybee said , some don't follow dis rules but still get the good guys..I think when u find ur soulmate , u both are gonna click...if u think u can flirt without making mistakes or sending d wrong msg then u must be a GAMELORD ,just similar to d first Quote in Genny's post..

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  5. I can relate with wumzy oh! When I was in 300L my school started UNAAB fm, so I went to apply and the guy started using all sorts of eye language, when I pretended I didn't understand, he told me point blank that with my sizE of boobs, he can't give me the job like that even if I was good that he must "de be" (according to 9ice). Kai, I was downcast oh! But hey, that's the problem I've faced ever since I became aware I was busty. I walk into a place and guys start to flirt cuz of my boobs, even girls. Wumzy, just continue to tell him the no diplomatically