Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Are light skinned girls more attractive than dark skinned girls?

What exactly is the deal with light skinned girls?Does being light skinned give you an edge over others?Do they get more priorities than the dark skinned girls?Do they get employed first?Or,okay,they get all the boys attention huh?So why do some black girls feel the need to change their colour to light?Men,do you prefer your women light or dark?On a real,who is more beautiful?The yellow Sisie or the dark angel?
Munachi captioned this #teamlightskin

Everyone keeps going on and on about Toke's skin.Some obvious patches due to the result of skin toning but she remains very pretty

Tonto doesn't hide the fact that she needs to remain light at all times
Likewise Rukky

And check the dark angels too?What exactly is the difference?
Chimamanda Adichie
Agbani Darego
What's your take?


  1. Don't call rukkyy light skin.her legs are very dark.bleached skin instead.

  2. Don't call rukkyy light skin.her legs are very dark.bleached skin instead.

  3. Ask them ooooooo,AM black A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ Proud..

  4. my dark complexion attracted my man

  5. Let's not lie here o,guys are crazy abt fair girls.they push some girls to bleach their skin.they are walking on d road wt their dark girlfriend or wife and d next thing they are turning their head just to take a look at dat fair girl dat just passed by.fair girls must think they are all dat

  6. I love my dark skin alot dunno abt u Oº°˚˚°ºh *rollseyes*

  7. Where are my fair skinned readers?Lollybee,Lolu Adedeji and co.

  8. Song of Solomon 1:5-7 “I am dark but beautiful, O people of Jerusalem.....

    I am dark and beautiful,
    The colour of my skin glows in the sun,
    The scars on my body are hidden by my dark skin,
    My skin glows in the dark in the ray light,
    Oh Sisters of Treatiez I am dark and beautiful,
    My skin, my skin is dark and I am proud ,
    In the Summer cocoa butter runs beautifully through my lines ...and glows like a candlestick,
    In the winter baby oil slips right into my skin and locks in the moisture which shines like a Sunday morning in Venice,
    Oh Sisters of Treatiez I am Dark, Proud and Beautiful.

    Poet Yems

  9. My dear Toun, just read this. Personally, I'd liken this to a "room with no light is calm but as soon as the light comes on faces brighten up. U even begin to see insects swarming around the light.
    Also, a fly in the dark ain't noticed but a firefly attracts a lot of gasps, marvel and attention even as far as appreciating Our creator, abi?"
    Need I say more?! Most songs glorify a light skinned woman *omo pupa o, omo pupa l'emi fe* *apon be po re* #EbojuKeboraKobawojeKarshatimoNi.... *Salawa's voice and dance*

  10. Different strokes for different folks. I personally know some dudes who wouldn't touch a fair girl with a ten foot pole. Fair girls dey marry, dark girls too dey marry. EOD

  11. I'm not light or dark skinned .I'm in-between but I'm easily noticed..so w@ do u say abt me?D only tin d@ gives u an edge over others is ur personality not ur complexion..it's just a mindset d@ pple has put so much believe in..I used to have a friend back then , her complexion always remind me of eclairs sweet & mehn guys flock around her like kilode gaan..likewise my sister, she's very much light-skinned&she's easily spotted,which she doesn't like..if she wasn't sure of whr she was going&it was avoidable, she liked to pass..I love my skin..it can never make me inferior..and no man can prompt me to make a mess of my skin..Beauty is d koko..so Detoun if a guy sees Agbani or d@ girl in d last pix and Toke or Rukky, are u telling me d@ Bcos they are light skinned, d guy will be blind to beauty...ma ma f'iku we orun ke...

  12. light skinned is easily noticed more than the dark skinned.I am a living example.ppl notice me anywere upon d fact that am a shy person & loves hiding.Detoun abeg abeg abeg Toke dem are not light skinned.wen u talk of light skinned it should be Nadia Buhari,Sandra Ofili etc

  13. Girls that bleach their skin blive they are very ugly.but they need to lighten up to manage themselves cos being fair is attractive.most fair girls are ugly ooooo.their skin just help to coverup.if u are a dark pretty Diva u won't even tink of bleaching .

  14. Guys could prefer fair girls bcos of trends.fair is trendy now.but it will be dark 2moro.nd only childish guys prefer fair girls too.a real man is nt deceived by complexion.as For me dark is simply gorgeous

  15. Some .....let me say it again...some dark skin girls are ugly and I guess it depends where you at to say most of them are ugly dont get me wrong some light skin girls are ugly too, but men will prefer light some for s3x reason I herd boys say they dont want to have s3x with a dark, black ,burt pu33y sorry yes ik its nasty but it is what it is we all have to face it whether we like it or not because its not gone change