Monday, 14 October 2013

Dressy night for the ladies at the NMA 2013

The Nollywood movie awards was held two days ago amidst pomp and pageantry.Trust our ladies to live up to expectation on the red carpet.Most of them succeeded in being the centre of attraction.Well,the awards have come and gone and congrats to all the winners.Like we always do here,let's take a look at their red carpet outfit.One thing I noticed the ladies have in common was the long dressy gown.No short dresses,no boobs opening,nothing indecent about them.Isn't that amazing?I however haven't seen pictures of some ladies like Ini Edo,Annie Idibia and Tonto Dike.

Empress looked very elegant in this floor lengthy dress except for the panty lines.She forgot I guess.
Nothing out of the ordinary for Monalisa.Just okay.
Best actress in a leading role goes to the delightful Rita D.
And they all won.Best actress,best director,best special effect,makeup.
Please I don't know if Rukky won anything but she just came out with a new movie,keeping my man.Hopefully,she wins next year.
Adaora Ukoh in Adaora couture.(Adaora couture bawo?)

Pregnant Dakore.Beautiful is the word.She was the host for the night and her hubby came all out to support his girl.

Uru Eke in a blue velvet dress.

Who is your best dressed?


  1. Rita is d best dressed..gorgeous! Empress looks lovely...beautiful dakore. Mona doesn't look gud here, Can't rukky ever look classy 4 once, can't she just make anoda hair or style n pack dat hair n she's always wearing dis type of gown just different colors.

  2. Dakore is d best followed by empress then Rita.adaora loose d weigh😁.stop d big and beautiful nonsense.fat is not sexy.

  3. Rita and Dakore have my vote!

  4. rukky sanda can pass for a mermaid sha.d girl no get class at all.Dakore is d best dressed.and her skin is flawless.
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    1. @Yummy Mummy

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    3. My pleasure.
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