Monday, 14 October 2013

Jay Z takes a public transport to get to his own show

He's one of the richest artistes in the world but that doesn't matter,as he's also a normal human being just like you and I.He showed Londoners his height of humility by getting on the underground train to get to his own concert at the O2 Arena.Waoh!Who does that?He wasn't alone though,he was joined by his good friend,Chris Martin.

One of the passengers tweeted 'Coming off the tube and I see JAY Z casually walking up the next escalator next to me... EVERYONE GOES NUTS!! WTF??!"


  1. Make he thank God say na U.K im dey.abi which Nigerian celebrity fit do standing for molue or enta danfo;we all know d after effect no go gud at all.Detoun abeg tell Toyin Lawani tu partner wit China so dey can invent phone wey go download food abi?

    1. Hehe babe,I though there was already a phone that downloads the,clothes,shoes,bags,name it.

  2. This is so cool of him.that doesn't make him less of jayz.our so called celebs should learn one or two things frm this international artistes.once they have just one hit record,they start forming bulshit

  3. Riri got on the tube once as well en route to her concert at the O2!! Check out his bodyguards...
    Nice one Jay-Z!

  4. Dats nice..I wish our celebs cld be like dat

  5. I like him......a lot.he just won my heart over.