Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lagos fashion and design week,Socialite,Nkiru Anumudu wow people withher unique fashion statement

If you know her,then these pictures shouldn't come as a surprise.It's a pineapple hat and bag to match mehn.What is it my eyes Haven't seen on this lady?

Did she kill the look?

Remember she had on a shoe hat some months ago?Her fashion statement is outta this world.


  1. I'm waiting for her to make a potty hat..ko gbe po s'ori..instead of pineapple, she shld av gone for coconut...coconut her creativity sha oo.

  2. Nkiru has always had a crazy fashion dat no one understands except her and maybe her husband.she weasrs d best and d most expensive but at d end,its not abt aw expensive but aw u impress pple wt ur me,she has never gotten it right.

  3. LMAO!!!

    You go gurl do ya thang!!