Friday, 25 October 2013

Meet William Masvinu,Zimbabwe'a ugliest man 2013

He won the contest last year and decided to give it another shot this year and of course he won it.The competition which is held every year in Harare Zimbabwe is a competition that pitches aesthetically challenged men against each other.
He won a year school fees money for one of his kids,while the first runner up went away with $100 (16,000 naira) and second runner up went away with $50 dollars (8,000 naira).

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  1. Detoun, I can see their country's original name is ZimBABOONwe...and I'm sure d word baboon is gotten from their country's name..
    Infact most of their faces fit pass for BBM smiley for "horror, tragedy, fire on d mountain, why me God, it is finish" and so on..