Monday, 7 October 2013

Peeshaun of Skuki pops 27 bottles of champagne to celebrate his 27thbirthday

He hosted friends at D'place in Lekki,where he popped 27 bottles of Rosé to celebrate his 27 years on earth.More pictures below.

Did you spot the lady with boobs?KMT


  1. I can see they enjoyed themselves.27 bottles of champagne by d time he gets to 40 nko?

  2. Na enjoyment tins o.

  3. Detoun, I'm not even concern abt d fowl head with d dragon boobs..I'm particular abt d other girl in d 3rd pix, d one in blue.pls is Pees grabbing dose boobs ni? and she too come use style use her hand helep am press am daadaa..
    Happy birthday Pees, sha no pees for house ...27 bottles..