Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Read what Genevieve said about being single

Although I'm not single but I can relate to this quote.
Oya all the single ladies (in Beyonce's voice),do you love being single?Is being single going on well with ya?I know all the single ladies on this blog o.You don't want me to start calling out your names do you?just come out jejely and tell us if you agree with Genny.


  1. Just another reason to justify not being married.Dont go and marry be praising urself.even beyonce dat sang all d single ladies has left all of u behind.she is married wt a kid.You think time waits for u?

  2. So true abt d first quote... U will think u are miserable when ur boo send u a txt saying "it is over btw us" ...until u receive another one saying , "sorry, d@ wasn't 4 u".so no be only u?.. O boi no time to waste ooo...Choose me or u lose me. I'm not a back up plan and definitely not a second choice...No second chance 4 world cup final..
    Like I said sometimes ago, although love was never meant to be easy whether in finding it or keeping it yet life is like an onion, as u peel off one layer at a time ,u weep but u have to keep going and never give up..I pray we all find our soulmate.

  3. Before I comment, family where is tara? Back to the matter, being single could be boring oh! It could be fun too. Am not sure I agree with her on this. Once you meet ur real soulmate, u don't have to worry abt going the extra mile to please him, no pretence n all of that. No lies,

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    1. Sweetheart where have you been? All of you going awol, una well done oh