Thursday, 3 October 2013

Skuki wants you to see something

Oh no,not the amala and multiple pieces of meat jor.They obviously want you to see the thousand naira bundles on the table.Lol shout out to Jude Okoye (Psquare's elder brother),He started the trend.


  1. All these small small boys,dey shld sha spend Mny wisely.i can't donate for anybody's sickness is d time to invest wisely and save for d future.hmmmm I don tok my own sha

    1. i'm not heartless oo but i agree with @Wumzy i wont donate too, because i see no reason why you should be showing us this. you wont find Tuface or the Dangote's etc doing such. dont get why they must always showcase, nobody is doubting if ur rich or not, so i really dont see the point here.

  2. The money no reach one million so let them take chill pill. That's why I like 2face. Let them ask 2baba to tell his experience with armed robbers oh, cuz they are coming for these low self esteem people soon. When davido dey show off, we go say na pikin, but these? O ma se oh

  3. mtsheeeeeeewwww next

  4. W@ are these ones doing on instagram...their fans are still in secondary school, so they shld go and post dis on FB....they are still economy class celebrities...abi any treatiezers dey dance "ma yin e ni banger" ni?