Tuesday, 29 October 2013

This Louis Vuitton umbrella costs a little over 100,000 Naira.Does it cover shame?

Lmao that was the question on the lips of my friend when she saw this.It's an LV design and it adds glamour & luxury to whoever owns it.The question is,if you have the money,will you buy it?


  1. but dey sell dis particular design at ojuelegba?theres a particular woman by d roadside who sells umbrella.her own shldnt be more dan seven hundred nah.100k for wat?wat nonsense.

    1. @ yum yum mummy , u will be surprise to see Genny rock dis umbrella 2Mao...cos she has become Louis vuitton model ..

  2. I can rock dis umbrella if it has remote control..meaning u don't have to hold it with ur hands when raining or sunny...u know how ur hands hurt when u hold it above ur head.. U just remote it above ur head and there u go...and by d way , is d wood handle made from "Ogbanje tree" ni?..nonsense..

  3. Toun, Xstardess is so on point! #BeautifulNonsense!!!!