Monday, 25 November 2013

American Music Awards 2013:Katy Perry,Kelly Osbourne,Heidi Klum fall into the worst dressed category

Katy Perry

Kelly Osbourne 
Project Runway presenter,Heidi Klum

Do they really deserve to be on the list?


  1. I hope madam "OLD MAMA YOUNGIE" (Joan Rivers) will be able to blast Kelly Osborne as she usually does to other people!!!

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  3. I don't understand dis River Jordan abi wetin be her name again.. She will just wake up everyday and thinks of who to bully..dis her fashion stupidity show can also be termed as "I be lazy bone show"..

  4. Na ds same kelly osbourne go dey condemn people outfit 4 fashion police.*hiss*

  5. Heidi Klum so deserve it.wetin she wear?and katty perry looks like she used 12 yards for dat dress.
    Kelly Osbourne looks like baby kings way.