Saturday, 23 November 2013

Check Out The Number Of Designer Shoes Victoria Beckham Donates To Charity

She is donating all these designer shoes ranging from Jimmy Choo,D&G,Roberto Cavalli and a good number of other designer shoes to help support victims of Typhoon Haiyan which destroyed part of the phillipines.
She doesn't see it as a big deal emptying a major part of her closet to charity.It's Victoria,She has more than enough to last a lifetime.She tweeted a link on how people can buy them at London’s Kensington & Chelsea Red Cross shop.


  1. I bet d shoes would tk away dere sorrows knowing fully well it was worn by dem send dem Fela's shoes joor;they've bin lying helplessly in a museum..........everyone,ke kwanu???Lollybee

  2. Na wao! These shoes/their worth can start somebody up in business!

    But it's a good cause tho.