Monday, 11 November 2013

Foluke Daramola defends husband's extra marital affair

In a recent interview,Foluke has blamed her husband's first wife for moving out of her matrimonial home because of his affair with her then.

Defending Kayode’s extra marital affair with her before Bukky left,the actress said,“In the first instance, did you read in the Bible that any of the people who were the apples of God’s eyes had one wife?”

“As it is now, if Kayode goes ahead and impregnates a woman, will I leave him because of that?” she asked, adding that, Yet, I am not even pregnant.”

“If I decide to leave my home because my husband is dating another woman or impregnated a woman, who will lose, my husband or me?” Foluke further queried, “at the end of the day, it is the woman that owns the home and you hold it the way you want to hold it,” she said.

“So, if my husband is misbehaving and I decide to quit, I shouldn’t blame another person for coming in,” she added.


  1. Only a nigerian woman snatches someone's husband and still tell u d reason why she did it.oh she's not too good in bed,she's too fat,she's ugly or in foluke's case,she left d house for me so I moved in.karma is a catches up faster dan u ur bk foluke

  2. Her statement left me speechless. Its only women dat like breakin other women's home, in my studies I ve found out dat men ar very careful ones dey(men) discoverd u a married dey will stop disturbin u snatchn u frm ur man is d least on der mind but not so 4 women. Dear Foluke how I wish u will wake up from day dreamin.

  3. Dont worry madam,d *pasan* dt was used 4 ur iyale,its still dere waiting patiently 4 u,stupid woman

  4. Even if the impregnated woman is ur sister? I think ur brain is on leave...Foluke, women sometimes do not leave their husbands' house bcos of all dis reasons alone but whr d love suddenly get sour & u've tried everything to bring it back & it didn't work...w@ do u do? Bukky's case their was no report of domestic violence..right?..ok..I hope by the time he add a little beating to ur own , ur brain d@ has gone on leave will resume work kiakia..Do u av any idea w@ the woman might av gone tru all d while u were frolicking with her hubby?..d verbal abuse, d neglect, loneliness , cold night, the tears, d pains,...remember, they were both in love @ some point..I mean u are feeling funky now cos u think u are both in love but see, they have both sailed dis same ocean b4..I pirri u..
    Always have dis @ d back of ur mind .. "D person u are willing to take a bullet for might jst be the same person behind the trigger"..

  5. @ Toun much as I have loved this girl from back in the days, she has stooped so low and stupidly opened her stinking gob to chat this nonsense?!
    She should be quiet about it and hide her head in shame firstly as an adulterer she should be on her knees begging God for forgiveness and that the b*tch called "Karma" does not visit her anytime soon or ever, ever "pasan ti a fi naa yale o nbe lori aja fun yawo."
    Secondly, she's a woman married to an adulterer who left another woman for her today and would do it time and again as soon as another opportunity presents itself!
    Thirdly, why do they both defend their relationship so much? I always wonder what time they actually have to enjoy the union sef? Mercy Johnson, Mosun Filani, Mercy Aigbe and some other of their colleagues did same and don't court the press that much in defence of their relationship or marriage!!! Funke Akindele did same and ouch! #NeediSayMore?
    It's Ur time now and U think his first wife failed, init?! Well we r watching and waiting to see how far and better U will fare where U think she's at fault or that she failed?!
    If I may ask, how come U parted ways with Ur own ex?!
    This Ur interview is a big disgrace and a dent to Ur career! U should employ a spokes person who U should consult on issues like this before U embark on any interview or respond to any questions that U know would go public, that's if U value Ur career + pls keep Ur private and dirty linen away from public glare and ears! Take a leaf from Genevive Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, Nse Ikpe Etim et al! U hardly hear about their love life in the press!!! For a girl as educated as U, mehn I'm so so disappointed jare!!! #NothingPersonal@All!
    Need I say more to U, Foluke Daramola?! My wise words and parting shot to U is "only a fool cuts off his nose inspire of his face!!!"