Friday, 29 November 2013

How can this be the most expensive house in the world?

This 27 story building is owned by the world's fifth richest man,Mukesh Ambani.It is situated in Mumbai,It costs one billion dollars,it employs a full time staff of 600 to maintain the house daily and it is referred to as "The Antilla".
Do you fancy this?Can we refer to this house......err building as Elegant?
More pics below:

Mukesh Ambani


  1. Shey d building dey move ni?most expensive my foot...This one d@ looks like unfinished business... Is dis not one of those uncompleted buildings in ikorodu? Abegii..even if I come get money na dis kain house wey bend as if e go collapse 2morrow ,na im I go come buy.

    1. It does look like an unfinished project for real.When money talks,bullshit happens.

  2. I think they meant the most expensive house in " mumbai" not in the world.I noticed he has the Eiffel Tower structure built in between.No doubt this house must have cost a fortune but I doubt it's the most expensive in the world -that's a fib!