Friday, 15 November 2013

"I just got my invite" says Toke Makinwa as She prepares for Peter and Lola's wedding on Sunday

Toke got her invite to the much awaited Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo's wedding on Sunday and she's so excited about it that she had to tweet about it to everyone lmao.Who else got an invite?
Enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone.


  1. Babe, u sure say na table number dem send u or today's date? Toke,shey pple no dey poke u say "u be the next" for all dis weddings u dey attend ni? Abi u wan turn to NEXTTLE?...D lame excuse u gave wasn't accepted..cos If u truly care abt each other , u make an effort , and not an excuse ... Once again make u check d number it cld be someone else's plate or phone number ooo..I just warn u ni ooo...

  2. Dis Toke busy body too much.she shld gaan sir somwr she d only OAP in nigeria?Wat of Toolz?do we get to yab her like day?she shld take a long break frm d public Biko.

  3. Abolodefeloju..... why dem no go send u seat number??

    1. Lmao @ Abolodefeloju.... If d wedding na 2Mao and they jst sent her a number , I'm sure na bench number dem send since when seat don full..u know how dem dey bench all dis football players , na bench she go dey ...

  4. Yet she's too busy to plan her wedding. Toke should chill. Everything she says on her vlog is her sub *sigh*

  5. ariya mama of d federation.if Toke no dey,who wan dey?only her don make d party.oshi oda.

  6. LOL @ All the comments!
    You folks are terrible