Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nigerian men see their wives as salves'' Ronke Ojo

After watching Dayo Amusa's 'Unforgivable' premiere,it stirred up emotions in her and made her come to the conclusion that Nigerian men are the worst kind of men to marry.
"Try French men Ronke.They are the best wink"

"I say to people on a daily basis that I pity African women. Our men, especially the Yorubas, see their wives as slaves. You have to go out of your way to do everything.They want you to be 110 percent submissive. I can't really understand.  
Most married people are dying of lack of emotion and care  from their men. Every woman wants to be in her husband`s hands enjoying love and care.  
Nigerian men are just not real; they are wicked. You have a wife and you don't show her love or care, but you're buying her clothes; is it all about money? It's really sad that African men are not romantic. They are too full of ego.”


  1. Dear Toun, I need your advice and that of your readers. I want to give dh and i a (surprise, dh doesn't know) vacation at the end of the year. The problem is that i'm on a very tight budget. Do you know of any inexpensive holiday destinations or an african country. Thanks

    1. I haven't been there before but I heard The Gambia has lovely vacation spots.If I had my way,would love to go.

    2. Kenya in my own opinion

  2. Ronke how do u C ursef? As 4 me I C mysef as a Queen and d key to my happiness lies in my hand.