Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Toyin Lawani steps out with younger lover

She captioned this picture Mr & Mrs swag but I say Mr & Mrs suave (lol ass kissing right?)But to be honest,they look good together.The big gap in their age is beginning to close up and if no one says he's younger,no one would know.Agree?They were spotted together at Peter and Lola's (Another case of 'age is nothing but a number') wedding.


  1. As long as they are happy, e no consign me

  2. Yellow boy plus yellow girl=albino baby

    1. U know there is something I've been wanting to say..if u guys will permit me..I'm just like dis Toyin girl is capable of anytin..I just hope d child is his ooo.

  3. Peter and Lola case dey different..Peter is man enough over Lola.. Toyin is man enough over her toyboy.. They look cute, alright..

  4. Are they not engaged? Which one is steps out with younger lover? Old gist