Saturday, 30 November 2013

What's that romantic thing you've done for your man lately?

Angelina Jolie bought a heart shaped piece of land for her husband,Brad Pitt for his 50th birthday.Now if that isn't romantic enough,I wonder what is?I think Naija girls (me inclusive) always expect more romance from the guy.And no one should say romance in a relationship is overrated,Infact it is a key ingredient.Not all of us can afford a piece of land but there are the little things we take for granted which actually means a lot to your husband/boyfriend.

1)how about you writing a cute lil note and hide it in his pocket?Please o,don't go and write you need money and think that's cute.Think of something creative to write that will make him think more fondly of you.
2)Mix him a CD of his favourite music.Not the kind of music you like but his own taste.
3)Surprise him with your homemade cake or cookies.Tell him you made it specially for him.Even if it doesn't turn out nice,he'd definitely appreciate your effort.
4)We know BBM and watsapp and social media have made communication very easy,instead of the usual pings,Surprise him with an email.Cute isn't it?
5)Don't wait for his birthday or valentine before you get him a gift.
6)Do him a big favour.If you're still dating,Surprise him on a Saturday morning.Clean his house,do his laundry,cook his favourite meal and no no....scratch that....don't do that.He might want to expect that every Saturday lol.Except you are married.
7)Lastly believe in his ambition,his purpose and dreams.That's the ultimate gift from a girl to her man.
What I'm trying to say is that,romance isn't all about grand gestures,like buying a car or a piece of land.the little ones we overlook always go a long way in been appreciated.And to all the married ones in the house,don't forget to smell great for your husband.


  1. Nice one , A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ lol @ N̶̲̥̅̊☺ 6, I no fit shout ooo naija guys.

  2. Very nice Toun.Thanx.

  3. Detoun, what of inviting him over to a nice hotel blindfolded for a threesome? ... Very romantic..uhn?

  4. Awwww,how am goinna start to practice dese points...

  5. @ xstardress lol!!

    Before he comes a three course meal has been prepared ... The theme is " LOVE". As he opens the door love notes have been scattered around the house in an order for home to follow ...
    As he walks in the house is covered in rose petals with candles and the first note says " welcome home my king please take the load off and pour yourself a glass of bubbly he takes his jacket off ... Another note is in front of him ..... Need I say more ... It's a night of wonderment LOL filled with lots of love and happiness !

  6. Hmmmm who do I practice all dese wt na?
    Nice point thou