Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Who is going to save our yoruba actors from red carpet disasters?

With the exception of a few like Mercy Aigbe, Funke Akindele,Fathia Balogun and maybe one or two more that I can't possibly remember,all others are a complete mess on the red carpet/yellow carpet,whatever carpet is on ground.I'm beginning to feel embarrassed not because I'm yoruba but because I watch their movies and I've grown to love some of them.So when i see them fail woefully on the red carpet,I feel sad for them.Should we tell them to stop attending red carpet events again to avoid further embarrassing occurrences?But that is not possible because they have to attend events and represent the industry they stand for.So what do we advise these people?Watch more red carpet events?attend more yellow carpet events?Get a proper stylist no matter how much it costs?Or should they just stick to their yoruba owanbe caucus thing where they all dress alike and look alike and everyone is happy?Please give your advise so I can pass it on to them.

Ronke Ojo:Woman,the heck were you thinking?Orange bolero or whatever on those orange hideous sandals.......to start with they don't do 'to match' anymore and if you must match your colours,you must be creative enough and have the guts to match every piece of clothing on you.Like you going totally orange but you have to be really chick to pull that off.
Biodun Okeowo:I don't know jor.I give her a pass for effort
Laide Bakare:You see what I'm saying?How can a young pretty lady leave home like this?
Toyin Aimakhu:I purposely dug out some old pictures for you to know they've been  practising this fashion faux pas a long time ago
Iyabo Ojo can do better than this now?Her hair is very moderate,her makeup too and I love the Zanotti shoes.Das all.
Ricardo Agbor:To think I used to crush on this guy in movies.See as he fall hand.Is the trouser not too long?And the hair doesn't look well taken care of
Aisha Abimbola tried.She's still better than others above
Doris Simeon too can do better than this.
I love this.There's no need to hate on her.Liz Anjorin stayed in her lane and looks gorgeous.
Only Sola Sobowale has the right to pull off a nonsense look and still look very beautiful in it.I love it and I love her smile.
Toyin Adewale doesn't look bad either.She went for something that suits her age.


  1. U talk am.Yoruba Razzness personified.Nofin good usually comes out from dem.

    1. Wats dis one yarning?if u don't av sumtin meaningful 2 say on d post pls take a back seat

    2. @Anon that's not what I mean darling.

  2. Re U̶̲̥̅̊ weLl?? Nothing good ke, wats wrong wit U̶̲̥̅̊.

  3. Nothing good ke?u definitely live in d bush dats why u don't knw,didirin....enni

  4. who is d first anon?we don't do dat here ok?is dat all u av to say abt yorubas?no wonder u are still wr u are.Mtshewwww.

  5. Bk to d matter,Ronke oshodi,in ur mind u don deck up abi?
    Laide bakare,u just had 2 drag dat poor girl into ur mess wt ur mammy water tins
    Did iyabo rub powder on her legs?
    Shola shobowale,power dresser.norrin do u
    All others,go and sin no more

  6. Maybe they shld roll up d red carpet and spread a mat ... Atleast all dis their outfits will fit in...

  7. Aishat Abimbola and iyabo ojo are on point 4 me. Iyabo ojo shoes are so cute. Τhξ others shud just hire a stylist ASAP.