Saturday, 16 November 2013

Yvonne Nelson lights up London for her 28th birthday

Cokobar London was buzzing last night when the ever gorgeous actress,Yvonne,stormed the place to celebrate her birthday.Friends and fans were thrilled at her presence.She wore a dress by Alexander Wang and a Jimmy Choo pair of shoes.

Meanwhile in the same news,fans have bashed her poor sense of dressing.She posted a picture of Rihanna and Paris Hilton wearing the same dress as hers and instead of getting the usual praise,sadly,opposite was the case.Read some of the comments below:


  1. Either from back or from front MALLAM is MALLAM...anyhow u wan spell am....make una free her joor..sebi na her IG..(abi person borrow her IG ni?) eeya Yvonne ,u don give Jegede award for her words ooo..
    And to think u rock the dress pass d two jare.