Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Aremu Afolayan's wife in pictures

For those of us who didn't see her face clearly on her wedding day,here is a clearer picture.Her name is Kafilat Olayinka.US based socialite now living in Abuja.She recently got married to her heartthrob,Aremu Afolayan.Wishing them the best of Marital bliss.


  1. I wish dem happiness and joy. Beauty is in d eye of d beholder.

  2. Sebi it is Aremu...the guy is an execuTHIEF.... Anything goes noni..

  3. ole ri ,, ole gba , thief jam thief . but AREMU IS THE BIGGEST , SMARTEST THIEF.. MUMMY KAFFY I PITY U,,,hope u dont have daughters amongst your three children? cos all y'all gonna be sleeping with him and spending on him,