Monday, 23 December 2013

I Made Kanekalon Hair Popular In Nigeria-Stephanie Linus

Her contract as an ambassador of Kanekalon Hair expired February 2013 and was not renewed by the actress.This is contrary to claims that the she was dropped as an ambassador.She Further explained that She popularised Kanekalon hair in Nigeria.Most Nigerians didn't know about the hair till she became the brand ambassador.
 “I made Kanekalon popular in Nigeria, even though many don’t get the pronunciation right,”

She added that, “a lot of people (the media included) are not well informed on what Kanekalon Hair is. People think the hair is like hair extensions that are sold in the market like ‘Amigos’, ‘Expressions’ and others, but it is not.

“Kanekalon is the fibre that is used to produce these hair attachments. It is like a raw material used in making these hair extensions. So, you don’t expect me to go to the market to buy ‘Kanekalon Hair’, no.”

Please,how is it pronounced?


  1. go and sit somwr madam.ive known kankalon since forever.u were only made an ambassador for 2 aw did u make it popular?

  2. lol, really someone should help wit the pronounciation abeg

  3. U lie. I've known kanekalon forever. Dey helped ur drowning career u mean. U should pay dem for keeping u in d limelight sef. What does she do again sef? ?

  4. Detoun, It is pronounced the same way as "kanna-kanna"... It's just d@ u will have to bring ur tongue out and open ur eyes wide while u pronouce it .... Stephanie is related to Joseph the dreamer(Josefu alala)