Thursday, 5 December 2013

Got the newest Wonderbra?

This is good news.For those of *us* (lol) that love the plunging neckline dresses but are afraid of accidental nipple slip,Wonderbra has come to our rescue.This new bra is designed in a way that the front goes very deep down so it can be worn perfectly under a cleavage baring dress.

Remember Rukky Sanda's wardrobe malfunction?This is the answer she needs.


  1. Toun Love I got a question 4 u, pls is d nipple on d breast? Why are we so proud of showin other parts cos dis bra is coverin only d nipple ma.

    1. The bra covers the nipples and holds the side boobs firmly.This is mainly for people who love to wear plunging necklines or cleavage baring dresses.Not an everyday bra.