Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"I Have Tried So Much To Lose Weight Just To Fit In" Adaora Ukoh

Plus size actress,Adaora,relates the many challenges she went through as a big bodied actress.Was She able to overcome the challenges or not?Read this touching interview with Themsgazineclub.com.

I got into Nollywood when it was still a dribbling toddler. And there was a time I actually did think that I was getting the right kind of growth and progression in the industry.  
It seemed slow but I was grateful for the jobs I got and I gave them my very best shot 

But then…I’m not sure what happened really, but it seemed I met a brick wall, or my career was a stalemate.  
I grew from confused to angry to confused again to bitter to sad, and then to prayerful. I realised when the jobs came, they were tied to particular kind of roles that had to do with playing a mother, or an over-fed bitter sister-in-law, anything but the major and glamorous roles. 
I’m not even going to pretend and say I shrugged it off. I tried to, yet it still hurts like an open sore.  
I know we live in a skinny world, with skinny people taking all the cream. How we got there, I am not sure. 
Let’s just say it’s a tough world for plus size people! 
And in all of this, I have tried so many times to lose weight, just so I can ”fit in” (not sure what that means anymore) but I have come to realise that I am who I am; what would the world be like if we all had to be slim? Where is the variety of life if God created us all the same? 
I was hungry for challenging roles as an actress, and a more focused career that is beefed up with endorsements and sort, just like anyone with proper ambition would think for themselves; and to be hampered because of the way-you-look…aaaah!  
It just kills!  
But anyway I have gradually grown beyond it, and the healing and complete acceptance of who I am continues despite it all. 
Now I am focused on things that will succeed regardless of how big or skinny I am!


  1. Such a life 4 plus size individuals. They will always make u feel like 'can't u see ur mate looking slim even nursing mothers ar nt left out of d slamming forgetting that women body and dt of guys ar nt d same especially during pregnancy and post pregnancy. It's well 4 us plus size am already working on mine.
    A week after I registered in a gym centre I got struck by appendicitis I couldn't continue bcos of pains dt wkend I went into d theatre to remove the appendicitis. Wt d recent development I can't exercise 4 now til some months to come which is next yr 4d wound to heal, al of ds hapnd jus to satisfy humans. Hmmmmm it's well struggle continues.
    Sorry 4 d epistle.

  2. You are healed IJN.ur health comes first.

  3. Is d world sold or we are just doing w@ we are told?? .. I just don't understand when pple started living for others..if ur reasons for losing weight is different from health reason, then u are being selfish to urself..@Anon, if it's not unhealthy eating or laziness d@ make u gain weight but u are jst naturally gifted,pls just exercise to stay fit, smart and healthy..u will be surprise @ d result..don't exercise ur body carrying weight lose anxiety..u won't get any result..
    Thank God for Adaora...Atleast she now know..

  4. Wot baffles is dat dis MEN dat we are dying to pls don't care abt der own size!! Imagine a pot belled man telln u to keep fit yet he feed himsef wit all sorts of tins but u as a lady will be starvin to pls him.