Friday, 27 December 2013

I Am Over Forty,I Don't Think I Will Marry Again

Stunning actress,Fathia Balogun talks to Daily Independent.She talks about her life,her kids,and life as a single mum.Read and enjoy the interview.

The rumour mill is agog with this story of your husband taking you to court to stop you from using his name. How true is this story?
Well, I’m not surprised about this question because I was expecting it. It’s my life and I would be glad if my personal life can be kept out of the public. I don’t have any comment pertaining to that issue because it came as a surprise to me. The way you heard it; is how I heard it too.
How many children do you have?
I have three children two girls and a boy and they are doing great.
Can you tell us some of your achievements?
I’ve got so many awards both within and outside the country. As you can see, Best of Nollywood just gave me an award. I appreciate myself and those who appreciate me. We cannot be complete. “I’m not rich but I’m grateful to God, I’m comfortable. My name has actually opened a lot of doors for me. Because my conscience is clear. I give glory to God that this job has given me a lot in my life. And I believe more are still coming in future. That is why I am what I am today.
How does it feel being a single mother?
Wonderful It‘s been great. I am happier the way I am. I have moved on with life. This is after so many years of course. I’m doing great. As you can see, I’m even doing well in the industry as a single mother, despite all I have been through. Whoever is worried about me, is just disturbing him or her self because I’m fine. I must be sincere with you. My children are wonderful and their father has moved on just like me.
How come you act both Yoruba and English movies, how do you manage to sail through?
I’m not a Yoruba lady. Infact , I’m from Delta State and I was born here. I grew up speaking the Yoruba language and today, I’m an expert at it. Besides, my ex husband is a Yoruba man; that also helped my knowledge of the language. So you should address me as a Niger Delta bred not a Yoruba woman.
Do you see yourself as fashionable?
Yes I am very fashionable. I love looking good, just like the saying goes: “looking good is good business” that is me. That is the secret behind my sexy looks. One day someone called me ever radiant and I was shocked and asked where that came from? And the person replied, I’m your secret admiral. Yes I take good care of myself and I take a lot of vegetables and that is why I look healthy. If I tell you my age, you will be shocked. I take out time to take good care of my self.
If you don’t mind, how old are you?
I am over forty years old.
What is your best food?
Pounded yam and Efo riro
Since you still look attractive; do you intend re-marrying soonest?
That I cannot say for now. But I don’t think there is need to remarry because I am happier the way I am. Nothing bothers me. Sincerely, nothing disturbs me. When it is time for me to relax, I travel to any lovely country and enjoy myself. That’s me.
What do you enjoy doing?
Sleeping, I love sleeping a lot and travelling.
Since you said you love travelling, do you still have time for your children; despite their tender ages?
Common, my children are fond of me. Especially my two daughters; most times we travel together and if their father wants to take them out, he comes and see them and spend time with them.
But there is also this rumour that they stay with their father?
(Laughs) all I can say; it isn’t true.
What is your view about marriage despite your own experiences?
Well, marriage is from God not man. And marriage is a good thing. It’s just unfortunate that mine didn’t work out but I thank God that I’m a better person today either marriage or not. To those that want to settle down, courtship is very essential in marriage. Ladies should be careful when choosing their partners. They should not be in a hurry because it’s what leads to failed marriages. Because if it works, they will blame the woman and if it fails, they still blame the woman. So my advice to ladies is this, they should be prayerful and careful when choosing suitors.
Do you club when you are free like your other female colleagues?
I’m not a party freak so, I don’t club. I don’t even know how to dance at all, but I love good music.


  1. I don't know why some pple rush into marriages as if they were in a stolen relationships/courtship..if u didn't snatch the guy/babe, why d rush?..Thank God Faithia knew w@ caused her own break up and she just openly warned other ladies... No hope lost Faithia..u've been strong enough to let go and move on...pls be smart enough to wait for w@ u's never too late...Someone will still give u d@ love...

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