Friday, 6 December 2013

"I'm in a serious relationship with Flakky Ididowo" Pasuma Wonder

They both dated for a while but went their seperate ways when things went sour between them.They are back together and this time,they might be heading for the alter.Pasuma is known to have dated a few ladies in the yoruba industry but Folake Odusanya seems to be the special one amongst the rest.Read excerpts from his latest interview where he talked about his personal life.

You have dated some actress in the past.
Yes I have dated one or two actresses.
Which of them have you dated?
That’s personal.
Are you getting married to any of them?
Well I am in a serious relationship with Ronke Odusanya a.k.a Flaky Ididowo, if things work according to plan we might get married soon.
So is it a probability?
If you say so fine, though everything is in God’s hand but I can assure you that we are in a serious relationship.
You have a grown up daughter in her 20s, was that part of street experience?
Not really. Though I had my first child when I was 23 and by the time she was born, a lot of people thought I was not serious then. Thank God that she is 23 now while I will be 46 on November 26. The girl is now my friend and confidant.
Is that why you have refused to get married? 
No, I have been married once but it did not work. Mind you marriage is a life time contract, so I don’t want to rush into it. But I can assure you I will definitely move into my new house with a wife soon.
There are certain insinuations that you have over 20 children, how many do you really have?
Those who are saying that don’t really know me, but I believe in the Yoruba proverb that says ‘won o kin ka omo fun olomo’, I implore people to find out the fact.
How many do you really have?
I have four in the US and another four here so you can add that together.
What kind of person is Pasuma off stage?
Pasuma is a very humble person. I am also an indoor person, I watch movies a lot, especially when I don’t have a show, I also watch football too because I am an Arsenal fan.
Do you do any other business apart from playing music?
No I don’t have other business except Fuji music and I thank God for that because I m making money from it.
[Interview by Kayode Aponmade]


  1. Sisi Toun, Pasuma will not kill me wit lafta ooo. Won pe eniyan ni thief otun gbe omo eran jo. Pls help me translate dat. Wot is d differc btw over twenty and and d 4+4?. if at 46 he just want to settle 4 a nollywood actress I must say I wish him plenty luck. I will just beg d lady not to break his heart cos he only has 1, she is free to break his bones cos he has tooooo many.

    1. Lol Sisi Temmy,to be fair on him, 4+4 and 20 are different.He's still a lot better than some artistes with 40 kids.

  2. Pasuma Wonder...wonders shall never end..